21st Apr 2014

We have made it through April 15th the first of many deadlines with the IRS.

The upcoming deadlines are as follows:

May 15, 2014

Deadline for non-profit organizations to file information returns (Form 990) for the year 2013, or request an extension (Form 8868).

June 2, 2014

Deadline for financial institutions to send out Form 5498 to report balances in an individual retirement account for the year 2013.

June 16, 2014

2nd quarter estimated tax payments due for the 2014 tax year. (The normal deadline is June 15th, which falls on a Sunday, so the deadline is pushed to the next business day).


September 15, 2014

3rd quarter estimated tax payments due for the 2014 tax year

October 1, 2014

Final deadline for self-employed persons or small employers to establish a simple-IRA for the year 2014

Last day the IRS will accept an electronically filed tax return for the year 2013, If filing after October 15th, you will need to mail in your tax return for processing.

November 2014

Start planning any year-end tax moves.

December 1, 2014

If you are covered by an HAS-compatible health insurance policy as of December 1st, you will be eligible to contribute the full amount to a Health Savings Account for the year.

December 31, 2014

Last day to make any tax moves for the year 2014. Last day to set up a solo 401K for self-employed persons.

Marital status on this date determines your marital status for the whole year.

Read the oral argument preview of the case here.

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